Warehouse Forklift Operator Job Description

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Warehouse Forklift Operator Job Profile and Description

A Warehouse Forklift Operator job functions are related to shifting of goods and material from one place to another. The operator is also involved in loading and unloading processes as well as sorting and systematic handling of supplies. The forklift operator is also accountable for checking lifts prior to usage and partaking in training for license renewal. The requirement of forklift operators is essential in airports, loading docks, and storehouses.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Loading goods on to the forklift in a systematic procedure.
  • Following proper handling procedure of the goods.
  • Responsibility of conducting regular inspection of the forklift to ensure its safety and ability of performing the operations.
  • Assisting in making pallets of goods and materials to put on trucks for transportation.
  • Maintaining and working in accord with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration norms.
  • Verifying the loaded material with the order form given.
  • Coordinating work with the warehouse staff and efficiently carrying out the orders of the supervisor.
  • Checking, counting and weighing of inventory.

Skills and Specifications

  • Should have good oral and written communication skills.
  • Ability to efficiently coordinate work with co-workers and take orders from superiors.
  • Awareness of the safety and official procedures for handling good and supplies.
  • Ability to effectively manage time and meet set targets and deadlines.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school graduate or a GED equivalent from an accredited institution, with a forklift certification.
  • Technical savoir-faire of operating sit down and stand up forklifts. Must have practice with RF scanner in addition to 5 years of forklift operating experience.

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