Warehouse Laborer Job Description

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Warehouse Laborer Job Profile and Description

The profile of a Warehouse Laborer requires skill, efficiency and physical skills. This is a specialized job wherein staff requires executing their dedication and proficiency in completing delegated tasks and handling merchandise. Warehouse laborers are mostly required at shipping docks, retail storehouses, aviation stockrooms and are typically inducted to work after the completion of an on the job training process.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Handling of all inbound and outbound goods and materials of the warehouse.
  • Tagging, labeling, and stocking of all supplies of the warehouse.
  • Efficiently completing all activities delegated by the warehouse manager.
  • Loading and unloading of forklifts and other warehouse machinery and equipment.
  • Managing tidiness and cleanliness standards of the warehouse.
  • Organizing the stocking and proper storage of goods and materials.
  • Coordinating all work functions with co-workers, transporters and other organizational divisions.
  • Maintaining cycle count of all warehouse inventories and reporting discrepancies to the supervising manager.
  • Conducting regular checks and maintenance functions of all the warehouse machinery like forklifts etc.

Skills and Specifications

  • Must be physically fit and have the skills to lift heavy materials.
  • Must possess the skills to competently and effectively manage time and complete assigned work.
  • Must be a team player and have the skills to coordinate with fellow workers.
  • Must be compliant with all safety regulation and the skills to use warehouse machinery.

Education and Qualifications

  • High school degree, GED certification or an equivalent qualification from a certified college is imperative
  • A valid certification and license for operating warehouse machinery and other equipment gives an added advantage.

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