Fashion Wholesale Job Description

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Fashion Wholesale Job Description

In a fashion wholesale job, an individual acts as mediator between the fashion designer or a fashion house and the client. They buy fashion garments and accessories at wholesale rates from designers or fashion houses and sell them to clients or retailers. Fashion wholesalers stock garments of various designers under one roof.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The job of a fashion wholesaler is to spot latest fashion trend.
  • They go to attend various fashion shows and get in touch with the fashion designers or fashion houses for the latest fashion trends.
  • They also have to maintain a track of the different fashion brands purchased and maintain a list of the fashion designers with whom the wholesaler is dealing.
  • It is their job to understand the needs of the clients and stock the garments accordingly.
  • They have to select the best quality items from the designers and suppliers as per the requirements and trends.
  • They ought to also research fashion trends for future season.

Skills and specifications:

  • It is very important for the individual to have a good fashion sense to be in fashion wholesale business.
  • The individual also needs to be creative to understand various aspects of styling.
  • It is also essential to have good communication skills as lot of interaction has to be done with the fashion designers and clients.
  • Good negotiable skill is a must at the time of purchasing products from designers.
  • Computing skills is also an added advantage.

Education and Qualifications:

In order to do a fashion wholesale job, a degree in fashion merchandising is required. In case an individual does not have a degree, prior job experience is required.

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