Importer Wholesaler Agent Job Description

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Importer/Wholesaler Agent Job Profile and Description

The Importer/Wholesaler agent works in purchasing divisions of specific consumer retail and manufacturing industries where imported supplies and materials for production or imported merchandise items in upscale stores are in demand. Their responsibility includes sourcing imported items at significantly discounted or negotiated wholesale prices even before they are produced on the firm commitment the sources can deliver within specific timeframes. They make firm orders for imported wines and liquors, car parts, textiles, electronic gadgets, etc.

Importer/Wholesaler Agent Duties and Responsibilities

  • Observe irregular hours of work our outside of regular hours to coordinate with overseas suppliers.
  • Comply with state and federal importation regulations and procedures as well as the prompt and correct payment of import duties
  • Maintain good business relations with freight forwarders, shippers and accredited overseas suppliers.
  • Coordinate with production heads on the specification requirements of imported raw materials and supplies
  • Coordinate with cost accounting on the wholesale prices of imported merchandise for cost-based pricing development.
  • Should have knowledge of the world prices of commodities to be imported and negotiate and bargain with overseas vendors for a good price.

Importer/Wholesaler Agent Skills and Specifications

  • Should have outstanding verbal and written communications skills as well as interpersonal skills
  • Should have sufficient understanding of the country‚Äôs import laws, commodity tariff rates and import duties.
  • Should be willing to travel overseas at anytime.

Importer/Wholesaler Agent Education and Qualifications

  • A high school diploma with years of experience in import operations is imperative
  • A college degree in commerce, economics or business related courses is preferred
  • A minimum of 5-7 years of experience in importation purchasing gives an edge.

Importer/Wholesaler Agent Salary

The average annual salary of an Importer Wholesaler agent depends on the nature and size of the business, state and holder qualification. It typically ranges from $40,000 to $55,000 excluding incentives and commissions.

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