Wholesale Buyer Job Profile and Description

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The job of a Wholesale Buyer is to purchase merchandise and supplies and resell the same to clients. Individuals for such profiles can either be self employed or recruited by retail outfits. This job requires expertise in diverse fields and the potential for conducting administrative and management related organizational activities seamlessly. Experience, skill and the ability to adapt to the workings of a dynamic scenario are essential for this job.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Surveying the market, purchase trends and client requirements.
  • Placing orders for goods and merchandise with manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Negotiating prices, discounts and transportation arrangements for procuring the merchandise.
  • Planning purchasing budgets and finances.
  • Recommending and defining mark up margins for reselling of the goods.
  • Resealing payments to suppliers, vendors and manufacturers for the purchase of the merchandise.
  • Inspecting the procured goods for any damages, loss, discrepancies and for ensuring quality.
  • Assigning work to assistants and staff personnel and evaluating their performances.
  • Organizing training activities.
  • Procuring client feedback and preferences from the client service and sales teams.
  • Maintaining and updating a record of all the inventory and stock purchased.

Skills and Specifications        

  • Must have excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to interact and negotiate with vendors, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Knack of leading, supervising and motivating subordinates.
  • Strong analytical and organizational abilities.

Education and Qualifications

  • At least a bachelor’s degree, in retailing, merchandise management, sales or other discipline from a well-known college.
  • Post Graduate degree or diploma in retailing, sales, merchandising or any related scholastic discipline with 3 – 5 years experience in the pertaining field.

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