Wholesale Distributor Job Description

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Wholesale Distributor Job Description

A person who is a mediator between the manufacturer and the wholesale seller and is involved in selling of goods manufactured by a wholesale manufacturer to the wholesale seller is known as a wholesale distributor. A wholesale distributor can be an individual or he can represent a company as well.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • A wholesale distributor has to contact the manufacturer whose products he wants to purchase and inquire about the rates.
  • His duty also includes generating and confirming the purchase orders.
  • A wholesale distributor should maintain a vendor file which contains the current prices of the products and the product information.
  • He may also have to prepare reports, financial statements, invoices, memos and financial statements.
  • They have to respond to any query raised by the consumer.
  • They have to sort the products purchased from the wholesale manufacturer and distribute them to wholesale seller.
  • They also have to try to convince the wholesale sellers to stock the product purchased from a wholesale manufacturer.
  • Their job is also to check the quality of the product and whether there are any damaged goods.
  • They have to make a list of the products purchased from the manufacturer.

Skills and specifications:

  • Must possess a strong decision making and problem solving skill.
  • Must possess good salesmanship skill.
  • Must have good analytical skills to understand the demand of a certain product.
  • Must possess good convincing skills to convince the consumers to purchase a certain product.

Education and Qualifications:

A business or a marketing degree is required to become a wholesale distributor.

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